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Remix Kebu’s ”Super Troopers” for a chance to have it released on ZYX Music!

  1. Download the stems
    • The copyright and all other rights of the provided stems and musical
      compositions embodied in the stems are owned and controlled by
      Kebu / Sebastian Teir*
    • The stems may not be used for any other purposes than for participating
      in this contest
  2. Submit your remix as a mastered, 16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV
    • By submitting your remix you warrant that all added content in the remix is
      your own intellectual property, have been created by you and/or are royalty
      free loops/sounds. You also agree that any intellectual property, including,
      without limitation, works of copyright, created in connection with the remix,
      will be wholly owned and controlled by Kebu / Sebastian Teir*
    • The parties agree that the winner produced, the remix in
      question, for Kebu / Sebastian Teir
  3. E-mail the download link, together with your real name, artist name and web /
    social media pages as well as a square shaped artist image to
  4. After submitting, you may also upload your remix to your own social media pages,
    (except for SoundCloud) provided that the remix is titled as ”Kebu – Super Troopers
    (# remix, contest entry)
    ”, with your name/artist name in place of the ”#”.
    • Kebu’s partners may claim the remix on certain platforms (like Youtube)

*Published by 41065 Musikverlag/Backstage Promotion Veranstaltungs- und Verlags GmbH)